[AG-TECH] Lurkers in the venues

S.Booth spb at epcc.ed.ac.uk
Tue Jan 29 07:45:45 CST 2002

On Mon, 28 Jan 2002, Jeffrey Eschbach wrote:

> Bob,
> It's probably not worth worrying about for most of the conversations
> taking place, but I just want to make certain that everyone is clear on
> this... even if there are no apparent "lurkers" in a Virtual Venue,
> there is no guarantee that someone else is not listening.  Although it
> may not be likely, someone could join the multicast groups associated
> with a VV and eavesdrop, right?  Just because the Vic and RAT interfaces
> don't show someone else in the "room" doesn't mean it is secure.
> Jeff

Or there could be people legitimatly trying to use the room but a 1-way
multicast problem stops you seeing their feeds.

The AG framework is potentially very useful for short ad-hoc meetings but
the current booking mechanism is not really set up for this. 
It would help if any bookings for a venue showed up on the virtual venue
page, and even better add booking information to the doors in the lobby
so people can see if a room is free before entering. This will help with
the newbie problem (speaking as a newbie myself)

If you then add a web interface to do an automatic 1 hour ad-hoc booking
of a free room then you will also be able to avoid clashing with
other ad-hoc meetings as well.


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