[AG-TECH] Room Layout

Luc Renambot renambot at cs.vu.nl
Fri Jan 18 12:02:07 CST 2002

It seems that a lot of people are using the Epson projectors.
In Amsterdam, we are using the Philips UGO Xlite for various
reasons :
  - Philips == Holland ;-)
  - it's DLP projector, very small and light (2.9 lbs), quite bright,
     contrasty, and cheap.
  - It's partially controllable by RS232 (the main functions,
      like "Power up/down", video source, ...) : "forget the remote"
  - 4 settings for projection : front/back projection
      and floor/ceiling projection
  - and a fixed wide-angle lens (short proj. distance).

It also exists as a Sharp product (M10-X or something).

You can see our setup at:
     (photo "hardware05.jpg" and up for instance).

my 0.02 euro,


  AG Amsterdam: http://www.nat.vu.nl/~tvdscha/ag/

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> Marty Hoag wrote:
> > 
> >    One other consideration is that many projectors have a built
> > in optical keystone correction that requires the project be mounted
> > level with the bottom of the projected image (e.g. sitting on a table
> > or top of the image (if mounted upside down from the ceiling).  That
> > means if you put them on shelves or the back wall at the top of the
> > image you would want to mount them upside down.  I haven't used the
> > Epson projectors though so I'm not sure what they have.
> The epsons are digital keystone unfortunately.  The more
> oblique the mount, the more resolution you lose (and you get
> really strange moire effects if you have a patterned desktop
> :-)  )  The lenses *are* interchangable though, but I don't
> know if Epson sells a shift-lens for optical keystone
> correction.  They do have good short-throw lenses though for
> the very sort of room described here, but it will exacerbate
> the keystoning problem with a short throw...
> >    Some of the higher end projectors do have OPTICAL corrections
> > available.  But beware of the digital keystone corrections and shifts.
> > The digital corrections work by shaving off pixels which will look
> > very very weird when you try to place the projectors to make a wide
> > mural - you will have gaps which are not projected.  Others can
> > probably provide more technical information on this.
> > 
> >    Marty

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