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	If you want to see how different projectors stack up to each other
in an easy to understand format (if I take a projector and I have it this
far from the screen what size image will I get in height and width) go to
http://www.projectorcentral.com/projection_calc.cfm if it shows up as
expired just click on the projection calculator on the middle left link.
The site maintains a large selection of currently available and some
unavailable projectors in its database to choose from.  
Hope it helps

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We are in the stage of designing our room layout for AG Node. As shown in
the view, we are planning to have our projectors on the wall at the end
of the room,due to ceiling problems we need to have it here. I am wondering
to know what could be the distance between projectors and the screen, will
20 ft distance pose any problem. i am using Epson 715 LCD projectors.

Servers and the hardware stuff goes in to the adjacent room, only the Node
operator console will be placed in this room.

Any suggestions on how the projectors can be mounted are appreciated. what
could be the distance between projectors ?

room layout: http://www.nsl.iit.edu/room1.2.pdf


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