[AG-TECH] Timezones and the Beer Session

Don Morton morton at cs.umt.edu
Wed Jan 16 20:11:49 CST 2002

Yeh, this temporal problem is probably one of the biggest
barriers to true global collaboration over the AG.

But, I would suggest that those of us who are hard-core
beer drinkers would not be averse to either

- Partying just a little later on the previous evening so
  that their evening culminates with this symposium


- Getting up at 3 am to begin a day of partying (sounds kinda
  fun to me!) - to quote the great philospher Kris Kristofferson
  from "Sunday Morning Coming Down", "... the beer I had for
  breakfast wasn't bad, so I had one more for dessert..."
  And, that gives me thoughts of another category, which
  maybe I'll offer to present "Great Country Music Beer
  Drinking Songs!!" :) :)  Now, that's where I can claim
  some expertise!!! :)  Since I constitute half the
  organizing committee, I might be able to push that one
  through :) :)

On Wed, 16 Jan 2002 zaluzec at aaem.amc.anl.gov wrote:

> Damn... the timezones.   Noonish in the Midwest is ~ 4 AM in
> Sydney where I'll be during tbe Beer sessions.   Sigh...it never
> fails....
> Hmmm...  I wonder if anyone from the  Sydney group
> is planning on attending?  If anyone from Oz is going
> to be on-line  drop me an Email  and we can try to coordinate.
> I'll be at ANSTO/ Lucas Heights, but have no idea
> how far that is from the Sydney AG Node.
> Nestor

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