[AG-TECH] Beer (and pulling the plug ...)

Randy Groves randy.groves at boeing.com
Wed Jan 16 18:00:50 CST 2002

Damn!  I was hoping that things would turn out differently.

But it looks like reality is going to trump vision this year.

Sometime towards the end of the month (barring a last-minute reprieve) we 
will be
pulling the plug on our Abilene connection.  We'll still have an outside 
connection, but
we won't be able to access multicast.  Funding issues will also require 
that I mothball
my external Access Grid node and point it inward.

Our experience has generated a LOT of interest here internally - we will be 
to implement a Boeing Access Grid over the next few months.  Where the whole
effort goes from there is yet to be seen.

So we intend to continue as active members of the Access Grid community - 
but we
won't easily be able to interact with you.

And just in time to miss this symposium!  I hope that there will be a 
Post-Symposium debriefing
at the Retreat! (I wouldn't have been able to fully participate from our 
site anyway - <sigh>)

I definitely want to thank all of you who have been so helpful over the 
last year.  I couldn't have set up this node without you.  And thanks to 
everyone who helped out during my demos.  Those interactions really made 
them shine.

You haven't seen the last of us, though.  I'm sure that there will be many 
issues that arise during
the effort of divorcing ourselves from the services at Argonne.  I hope 
that we can still bug this list
periodically.  And perhaps we will have some valuable experiences to share.

Perhaps the situation will change later this year or next and we will again 
have the ability to fully participate.

Once again - THANKS!

(Drink one for me!)


At 04:08 PM 1/16/2002 -0700, Don Morton wrote:
>    First Annual Access Grid Symposium on Beerology
>             Friday, 15 February 2002
>             Time:  Early morning western North America
>                    Late morning eastern North America
>                    Late afternoon Europe
>             Call for Participation
>Organizers:   Don Morton, U. Montana
>               Crysta Metcalf, Motorola Labs
>In an effort to explore how we can go about "Having Fun Over the AG,"
>an informal Access Grid symposium dedicated to the discussion of Beer
>will be delivered on 15 February.  This activity will be utilized as
>the basis for a panel/discussion session proposal being submitted to
>the AG Retreat Organizing Committee.
>This particular symposium will be dedicated to the dissemination
>of various bits of pertinent information and folk wisdom related
>to, you guessed it, Beer.  Most importantly, this forum will
>emphasize having fun in an informal setting on the Access Grid,
>and will be critiqued afterwards in its successes and failures in
>achieving this goal.
>We anticipate a roughly 4-hour symposium, and are now soliciting
>proposals for presentations of roughly 10-20 minutes in length.
>Areas of interest include, but are not necessarily limited to:
>- History of Beer
>- Anatomy of Beer
>- Beer Tasting (aka You Too Can Be a Beer Snob)
>- How to Brew Your Own Beer
>- How to Create A Brand New Beer Called AG Beer
>- Favorite and Funniest Beer Brewing Stories (e.g. How you fell into
>   your vat of beer and how it improved the taste)
>- Favorite Beer Drinking Stories (let's keep this "a little" on
>   the clean side :)
>- Favorite Beer Drinking Games
>- Physiological Effects of Beer Drinking
>- Post Beer Drinking Activities (i.e. How Best to Deal With the
>   "Morning After")
>Rules and Regulations
>- Please submit presentation ideas by close of business, Wednesday,
>   6 February 2002 to Don Morton at morton at cs.umt.edu
>   Submission Guidelines
>   - Any proposed title without the word "Beer" in it will be rejected
>   - Acceptance/Rejection decisions will be made by Saturday, 9 February
>   - Decisions on acceptance/rejection will be made by the organizing
>     committee while under the influence of, you guessed it, Beer.
>   - Bribes in the form of beer will greatly enhance your chances of
>     acceptance.  No IOU's - please ship to
>              Don Morton
>              Department of Computer Science
>              The University of Montana
>              Missoula, Montana 59812
>      Please pack carefully - bribes that come in the form of broken
>      bottles will negatively affect your chances of acceptance.
>Presentation Guidelines
>- No power point slides!  This is meant to be informal and, believe it
>   or not, will serve as the basis for a very sophisticated study in
>   how folks can have FUN on the Access Grid - when was the last time
>   you had FUN watching power point slides??  Moreover, given that some
>   sites will likely have beer locally, do we REALLY want to be trusting
>   node ops to get these slides all synchronized correctly??
>- Exceptions to the above guideline will be granted to those who merely
>   want to show pictures (e.g. brewing equipment, home brewer falling into
>   equipment, etc., etc.).  In fact, the use of pictures is highly
>   encouraged - the use of text is highly discouraged - informality is
>   key
>- Behave - remember, you will be subjects of the Earth's first "study" on
>   how folks can discuss Beer over the Access Grid.  Our intent is to
>   present and discuss this material at the Access Grid Retreat (assuming
>   the AG Retreat Organizing Committee can be bribed with Beer) - do you
>   REALLY want us talking about your misbehavior in such a public forum?
>- Have FUN!!!
>Don Morton                   http://MRoCCS.cs.umt.edu/~morton/
>Department of Computer Science       The University of Montana
>Missoula, MT 59812 | Voice (406) 243-4975 | Fax (406) 243-5139

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