[AG-TECH] Ideas? Thoughts? Retreat 2002?

Jeffrey Eschbach Jeffrey_Eschbach-CJE018 at email.mot.com
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Possible topic for the retreat below.


General Topic: handheld devices with AG nodes
Detail:  Discussion and/or demos related to using mobile (wireless)
handheld devices (iPAQ, Palm, etc.) in coordination with AG nodes.
How can such items bring value to AG nodes... provide personalized
information?, serve as a reduced, handheld nodes?, etc.

Mary Fritsch wrote:
> All...
> Our formal Call for Participation for the AG Technical Retreat 2002 will be
> coming soon.  The tutoria/retreat will take place on or near the San Diego
> Supercomputing Center campus.
> In the meantime, I would like to give you an opportunity to throw me some
> ideas for the program track at the Retreat.  Below is a start.  Any emails
> you might have already sent to me or Rick will eventually be incorporated
> in this list.  A Program Committee, headed by Rick Stevens, will finalize
> the topics for the AG Retreat Technical 2002.
> Again, this is for the Retreat itself, rather than the Tutorial.
> Please be concise.  This should be a short item.  There is some framework
> below for ideas, but a simple blurb will do.
> _____________
> General Topic: Testing of New AG Nodes
> Detail:  Certain things should be in place before running an AG event,
> (i.e. registering your node, providing contact information, testing your
> node with others, grabbing a guide for first-time events).
> Solution(s):  Establish bi-monthly testing cruises to go over general AG
> topics and dppt software - open to anyone and everyone. Provide a
> guide/checklist for all new users/speakers online.
> POC:  Mary Fritsch, fritsch at mcs.anl.gov
> ____________________
> Some initial ideas :
> AG 2.0 Release Status
> AG Documentation Project
> ACE GGF Research Progress Report
> Automated NCSA AG Scheduler
> Linux: Open Source Solutions for High Quality Video
> Implementation Resources
> Self-Supportive, Self-Testing AG Nodes or Communities
> Building AG Tools, Applications, and Contributed Software
> Globus Web Integration Services
> Grid Integration
> List of Efficient Resources Needed to Support the AG Community
> Commercial Packing Companies
> Persistent Spaces Ideology
> Demo Area for Commercial Nodes Forum
> AG Workgroups Defined
> Panel Discussions
> BOFs
> Thanks for your input.
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