[AG-TECH] Virtual Venues Server Software

Kabe Vanderbaan Kabe_VanderBaan-KVANDER2 at email.mot.com
Tue Jan 15 10:50:37 CST 2002

Don, Bob,
I did get it to work here under 7.1, gave it a spin under 7.2, but couldn't get the
moo server to work correctly, 

The documentation is pretty straight forward.  My only catch was to make sure you
build your machine as a server, not as a client.


Don Morton wrote:
> Bob,
> I'm getting ready to think about trying to install and try
> the virtual venue server.  The last email I see on this issue
> is from Kabe Vanderbaan, dating 14 September, and I don't
> see signs of success :)
> http://www-unix.mcs.anl.gov/web-mail-archive/lists/ag-tech/2001/09/msg00082.html
> Is this the latest?  Has anybody gotten this stuff working?
> Is there additional info I ought to know before jumping into
> this?  The intent will be to install on top of an AG 1.0
> installation.  Kabe, did you ever get this going?
> Also, guess the info "might" be in the documentation but.....
> to ultimately get this working, it seems to me I'm gonna need
> to get my hands on several Class D IP addresses?  How does
> one "get their hands" on Class D addresses?  Seems like it
> might be much different than the Class A-C game, but
> I have no idea.
> Thanks,
> Don
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