[AG-TECH] Scaled-down versions of AG

Gary Refka grefka at insors.com
Fri Jan 11 13:41:04 CST 2002


In our efforts to developed a less technical and more user friendly version
of the AG we have created nodes that run on one and two computers to do just
as you stated.  For our large conference room locations we utilize two
computer, one Windows and one Linux, with all control functions being
accomplished on the Windows Display box.  No more switching between boxes
during a Grid session. The single computer Windows systems allow for
individual units on a desktop or laptop to join small sessions from their
desks. These utilize USB cameras and small conferencing devices or headsets.

In addition to reducing the number of computers required, we've also created
some software, which is compatible with the AG, that simplifies the
operation for the user.  With this software you only need to access the WEB
server in order to join, move or leave sessions.  This software is being
offered to the AG community for a $1 dollar licensing fee. You may be able
to leverage our efforts to reduce some of you development time and speed
your deployment.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Gary A. Refka
INSORS Integrated Communications, Inc.
Email: grefka at insors.com
On the Web: www.insors.com

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We at the CS dept of UCSB are trying to create multiple remote sites (on
campus) for participating on Access Grid  meetings. These mini AG nodes will
be able to receive all the incoming video streams and able to send at least
one video stream. For achieving this goal we are visualizing the AG site
with minimal hardware required (as compared to the fully operational
standard AG node also present at UCSB). Looks like two machines with lots of
computing power will can do the job. One machine will be running both VIC
and RAT on Linux and the second machine will act as Win2000 Display machine.
I just wanted to ping in this list to those guys who have successfully done
it in the past and what are the odds involved. Your comments are welcomed
and awaited, thanks.

-Shahid Bhatti

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