[AG-TECH] Lurkers in the venues

Rick Stevens stevens at mcs.anl.gov
Mon Jan 28 13:41:14 CST 2002


We have been thinking about how to implement a generallized access
control mecahnism.  Maybe Bob can talk about current thinking in
that direction.. in the mean time the secure room avoids this by using
the key distribution as an ad hoc access control.  We can build as many
secure rooms as we need until we have the automatic access control in


On Mon, 28 Jan 2002, Don Morton wrote:

> All,
> As some of you have probably noticed, it's getting harder and harder
> to have a semi-confidential meeting in one of the venues (e.g. proposal
> related stuff) without having one or two sites sitting in there with
> 4 videos, audio turned on, sometimes even testing audio in the middle
> of a meeting.  Although appeals to the community at large probably help
> to reduce this, it ain't working, and my uneducated guess suggests it
> will get worse - it seems like more and more, folks are jumping in 
> who seem unaware of things like this mailing list, the general 
> AG community, etc.
> So, is there any sort of thought/interest in some mechanism that allows
> someone who's actually reserved a venue to control access to that venue
> during the time reserved?  For example, consider the following:
> - Joe/Jane Sixpack makes a venues reservation on behalf of whatever group
>   wants to come together and meet
> - Joe/Jane Sixpack (you can tell we're still thinking about this Beer
>   Symposium :) :)) is automagically emailed some random access code that's
>   good during the event
> - This access code allows Joe/Jane Sixpack access to some GUI that essentially
>   allows for blocking out the "riff raff" :) :) :)
> Obviously, it's "do-able" but I don't understand the venues system well enough
> to
> understand the feasibility of integration into existing components - probably a 
> real bear.....
> Thanks!!
> Don
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