Jeff Long long at ukans.edu
Wed Jan 23 17:07:56 CST 2002

Did anyone else happen to notice what would like a huge DoS atack
between about 4:30 and 5:00 PM U.S. CST today (Jan. 23)?  Our campus was
suffering from huge problems with internet connectivity and one of our
network folks saw something in a router that made him think it might
have something to do with AG as the address was one of the multicast
addresses for the Lobby.  When we shut down our AG node(s) the problem
suddenly disappeared.  Now we'd like to try and find out if it was pure
coincidence or if was somehow AG related.  Our network guy said the
traffic looked like huge (30KB?) UDP packets.  So did anyone else notice
problems during this timeframe?

Jeff Long
University of Kansas

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