[AG-TECH] Tandberg Control panel

David E. Bernholdt bernhold at jumby.csm.ornl.gov
Mon Jan 14 09:02:31 CST 2002

On Fri, 11 Jan 2002 19:40:19 -0600  Satish Devarapalli wrote:
> Has any used Tandberg Control Panel to control the cameras we use in AG.

I am not directly familiar with the Tandberg control panel (though
I've seen one), but my guess is that it uses AMX, an industry standard
protocol for the control of A/V, lighting, etc. which is widely used
in high-end conference rooms, lecture halls, etc.

As AG becomes a more established and widespread tool, I expect that
integration of AMX interface capabilities into AG would be interesting
for some customers.  For example: we're building some new buildings
here shortly, and there will be a couple of connference rooms and
lecture rooms which would be good candidates for AG nodes (not clear
how many we'll have) and also good candidates to have AMX control
systems (I don't know exactly what's planned in this respect).  It
would be nice if they could all play nicely together.

On the other hand, given its nature, I suspect that AMX integration is
more likely to come from A/V vendors who supply conference room
systems and become interested in AG as an addition to their product
line rather than the research community that currently dominates AG

Just my opinion.
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