[AG-TECH] Tandberg Control panel

Satish Devarapalli devasat at iit.edu
Fri Jan 11 19:40:19 CST 2002


Has any used Tandberg Control Panel to control the cameras we use in AG.
one of my friend working on a distance learning project showed me a small
control panel LCD screen they use to control each cameras, zoom, angle etc
with 4 presets configured at different angles and zooms for each camera.
the panel is really nice to control all the cameras from a single point.
using remotes to control sometimes might interfere with another cameras
placed near. so they use this one.... and he was saying that they use CODEC
with this panel. I couldnt understand it. Has any one tried this one with
our AG to contorl cameras, projectors ?

CS Dept. IIT

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