[AG-TECH] VIC doesn't bring up the transmitting video window

Shahid Bhatti shahid at cs.ucsb.edu
Wed Feb 20 19:46:48 CST 2002

Hi All,
After coming a long way on installing mini-ag (scaled version) I am stuck
with a problem on my Linux machine. When I run the script
"vrm-eventlistener" on Audio+Video Encoder machine it brings up the Video
Resource Manager window containing all the video thumbnails in the room
which I have logged in BUT it does not bring up a window showing
transmitting/outgoing video signal being encoded. I have run the
setup-config utility also and when I test the configuration through that, it
shows me the video and I do write it to output file (which actually saves
the settings in video-config file). I expect that there should be as many
Vic windows equal to the number of video capture cards installed in the
machine, but there is not a single one. Can somebody give me a pointer to
this problem? thanks.

-Shahid Bhatti

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