[AG-TECH] AG Echo problems

Robert Olson olson at mcs.anl.gov
Wed Feb 20 12:01:09 CST 2002

your gentner setup looks okay; you may be having a problem with hardware 
loopback in your audio pc.

What sort of audio card do you have? Are you running the opensound.com 
audio drivers? What is the output of these commands:

         cat /dev/sndstat

How clear is the echo -- does it sound like acoustic room echo, or hardware 
loopback echo (if you've heard both you can probably tell the difference :-)


At 03:42 PM 2/20/2002 +0000, Ben Juby wrote:
>[apologies to everybody on the ETF-ACCESSGRID list if you have received
>this twice. Mike quite rightly pointed out that this would be more
>appropriate for the AG-TECH list]
>In an AG test session yesterday it appeared that we were causing some
>echo when we unmuted our mics and other sites spoke to us (the other
>sites said they could hear their own audio being fedback through our
>mics). We have so far been unable to determine why this is and we would
>welcome any suggestions as to what is going wrong.
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