[AG-TECH] Hauppauge Capture Cards

Supreeya Miller Supreeya.Miller at usm.edu
Thu Feb 14 12:00:59 CST 2002

I built one node and in a process of building the second one.  I bought the
Hauppage 401 model cards from
	www.compusa.com and
	www.cdwg.com Sale Rep: Jason Clancy 1-877-467-2740
If you still want that card, try this people.  They might still carry some.

Good luck

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I am new to the list and have not yet set up a node. We are about to try
out the Micro AG with the intention of securing funding for a full node.

My question is about the Hauppage capture cards recommended in the spec. We
are having trouble sourcing the 401 model, mentioned and are wondering if
the WinTV Theater (495) or the WinTV PVR (880) will work. These models
offer S-video input as well as additional features that may be desirable.


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