[AG-TECH] CCS Wednesday Seminar (February 13th)

Alexandros A Theodoropoulos aat at csit.fsu.edu
Fri Feb 8 18:29:59 CST 2002


I apologize in case I am revisiting issues you have covered before but I
joined the list recently. I work for the School of Computational Science
and Information Technology at Florida State University (Tallahassee) and
we also have an Access Grid node here which was setup here by Pr. Fox's
group which is now in Indiana University. Besides that, there is also an
interest for other AG nodes by one of our other research groups here which
has been very active in establishing an educational and research
institution in South Africa. So here are my questions to the list:

- My understanding is that AG needs Internet2 to work. If this is
correct, does anybody happen to know whether South Africa has or will at
some point have this infrastructure ?

- Also an idea is to take the incoming video and audio off the AG node and
distribute them to the PCs of our interested users via maybe webcast or
some other method. Assuming that this is possible does anyone have any
suggestions about implementing such a scheme ? 

- I read in the AG documents that it is recommended that the Control
system should use either Win98 or WinME because the Gentner software
doesn't operate quite well under Win2K. Why is this so and if possible
could anybody elaborate on these issues ? We do have some issues with the
audio portion here every now and then when the sound breaks up 
intermittently and I just want to check on this rat hole. Our equipment is
pretty much the recommended one according to the AG documentation.

I would greatly appreciate any input you might have.


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