[AG-TECH] echo-cancellation on the cheap?

Barbara A. Kucera bkucera at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Fri Feb 1 11:35:56 CST 2002

Well, if you want to count all the pennies, you need to also include the 
connectivity issues, staff, etc.  If your equipment costs $40-43K, that 
still leaves $7K for the "extras."  I only mentioned this in the first 
place because the price has been decreasing from $50K, and all of a sudden 
you casually indicate that it's $70K per node.  Folks may get the wrong 



At 11:37 AM 2/1/2002 -0500, David E. Bernholdt wrote:
>Sure, the EQUIPMENT costs ~$50k.  If you also have to factor in
>screens, hanging of projectors, room modifications, furniture, my
>time, institutional overhead, materials handling fees, etc., there's
>more to it than just the equipment.  I pulled the $70k number out of a
>hat, and certainly many of these costs depend on the specifics of your
>facilities, but these things add up and can't be ignored if you want
>to deploy more AG nodes.
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