[AG-TECH] echo-cancellation on the cheap?

lujian lujian at nlsde.buaa.edu.cn
Fri Feb 1 07:20:52 CST 2002

	Anybody tried Sweden product Marratech(www.marratech.com) and hardware specs at http://www.marratech.com/support/hardware_packages_statpc.shtml, and the echo-canclellation Speaker KonfTel 100/D at http://www.konftel.se/ ?
	Maybe it is much cheaper than Gentner for daily use.

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在 2002-1-31 23:33:00 您写道:
>can someone please elaborate on the facination
>with cheapness. I mean we are talking about a multicast
>environment with a minimun ds3 connectivity right? that aint too cheap.
>on the other hand,
>if you really want to get around the echo cancellation for nothing
>wear headphones!
>just curious....
>On Thu, 31 Jan 2002, Randy Groves wrote:
>    > I'm looking at the prices for setting up some nodes, and in this economic 
>    > climate, the $3000+ price for the Gentner sticks out like a sore thumb, 
>    > when you consider that it might be feasible in the near future to put all 
>    > of this stuff on one reasonably priced box.
>    > 
>    > ASPI, now part of Polycom, is one alternative, but that's still $1800.
>    > 
>    > Has anybody found a cheaper alternative?  A card for a PC?  An 
>    > echo-cancelling microphone?
>    > 
>    > -randy
>    > 
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