[AG-TECH] The AGN Minimum Requirements Document

Marty Hoag Marty.Hoag at ndsu.nodak.edu
Thu Feb 28 11:22:23 CST 2002

   I think Ivan did a nice job on the minimum requirements document.
I did have a few small questions though - mainly on Appendix A.
Of course, as a "reference installation" maybe I'm trying to read
too much into this and it should have a disclaimer referencing
the current AGDP Access Grid Hardware Specification that it
references with the note.  

Anyway, there were a few things that maybe were typos or could be 

1.  PC - Control is listed as running Redhat Linux.  I think GWare
only runs on windows, right?  I know there is a plan to move to a
different sort of control system but I thought the reference would
be a "current" implementation (e.g. AGiB 1.0).

2.  4 Radio Labs S-VHS Video Amplifier + Power.  I think a part
number would be good as I don't recall much detail on the use
of these in other doc (but I might have missed it).

3.  Gentner XAP-800 TH1 - I think it is actually called an XAP TH1
(or was, it has been replaced with the XAP TH2 and I see they've
added a XAP-400 now too).  But it does point to the problem of 
trying to document configurations (sigh).

4.  Radio Labs Bi-directional IHF Interface. Again, I think a
model number would be helpful because most of us are more familiar
with the MM100.  

5.  There are cables listed to/from an MM100 which is not in
the list of items.  I suspect they are to/from the RDL unit
mentioned above.

   Come to think of it, should the minimum capable reference 
include items which probably are site specific and may not make
a difference in how it performs?  E.g. XLR extension cables?  
It seems like the appendix is sort of a mixed parts list and
performance reference.  For a performance reference I'd think
you'd want to list the items referenced in the document and
enough detail to indicate the base level of performance.  Maybe
all the cables could be lumped into "And required cables" or
something to make that list shorter and avoid the tendency to
make it a shopping list.  I think it would be better to keep 
the AGDP AG Hardware Specs updated often as the shopping
list for those build their own nodes.  


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