[AG-TECH] Unicast-Multicast bridges?

Mike Daw mike.daw at man.ac.uk
Thu Feb 14 11:05:09 CST 2002

This Google search yielded some positive results for us and I thought I'd
share the knowledge.

At http://www.east.isi.edu/~tlehman/programs/mboneuctomcgw/ you'll find an
easy to install and easy to use piece of code that seems to work pretty well
as a bridge. Any site that has working multicast can deploy it and any site
that has only unicast can access it.

I tested it this afternoon with Newcastle, Cardiff and Edinburgh all coming
in via our bridge. This was with multiple video feeds and audio from each
(and 2 reflector processes on my machine). The quality was indistinguishable
from normal multicast use.

The network usage went up, of course, but there's no reason why multiple
sites shouldn't be running the software, so easing the load on any one site.

In terms of security, I'm told that it's possible to wrap the bridge machine
within a strict firewall, so making it secure. Having looked at the code, it
also looks pretty easy to insert a few lines so that a list of IP numbers is
consulted before access is granted to a remote machine.

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"Reflector" is the magic word to search for ...



At 05:40 PM 1/21/2002 -0800, Randy Groves wrote:

I've been poking around the net to see if there is another unicast-multicast
bridge available other than the Multi-Session Bridge, which seems to be
unavailable, as are the authors.  Bob Olson told me a while ago that he
could not re-distribute the code to which he has access.  Repeated attempts
to contact anyone involved with the package have failed.

What other options exist?



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