[AG-TECH] Unicast-Multicast bridges?

Mike Daw mike.daw at man.ac.uk
Wed Feb 6 07:52:12 CST 2002

I wonder whether anyone has had a look at this liveGate / multikit
tunnelling combination (thanks, Marcus)?

Omer Rana (Cardiff) and I have been trying it out with some success,
although unfortunately we've hit a problem. The unicast end is able to
receive audio just fine, but not send it. The unicast end can see all the
rat members (including themselves). The multicast end can't see the unicast
end in rat. (We haven't tried out video.)

We thought it might be the ttl setting, but no. We have hit a blank with

Any suggestions?

If anyone wants to try it out to have a look, we'd be grateful too. If
you've never used it before, getting a rat session down the tunnel is not
exactly intuitive, but I can share our hard-won experience. (When it works,
I am more than willing to write an AGDP bit so everyone can benefit from
this software that looks pretty good. Then we'll no longer have to rely on
those kind folks at Argonne for a bridge!)


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> G'day y'all
> One more data point/product for this thread - Ross
> Finlayson's www.live.com
> has a unicast/multicast bridge that he's been working on for
> ages, and
> still is afaik. Bunch of other really cool tools there as well.
> Not sure I recall the name (liveGate?), and his site is
> unreachable at the
> moment (some routing loop b/n exodus.net and megapath.net?).
> But certainly
> worth a look when it is :-)
> Cheers,
> 	Markus
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