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Osland, CD (Chris) C.D.Osland at rl.ac.uk
Fri Feb 1 11:30:04 CST 2002

Here are some notes that were sent to me a long time ago.  They
may now be way out of date, but I thought I'd pass them on as
they have quite a few URLs thart may now have more up-to-date


Chris Osland

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Subject: FW: VRVS/AccessGrid Integration (fwd)

This just arrived via the ESnet H.323 mailing list (I guess we'd get
to see it by other routes too, but anyhow...)


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> From: Philippe Galvez [mailto:philippe.galvez at cern.ch]
> Sent: Tuesday, July 24, 2001 5:57 AM
> To: vrvs-announce at internet2.edu
> Subject: VRVS/AccessGrid Integration
> Dear Colleagues,
>     This is an announcement about the integration of AccessGrid
> (www.accessgrid.org) in VRVS.
>     As you know, VRVS (www.vrvs.org) technology gives the
> possibility to
> use either Mbone tools, H.323 clients or MPEG2 compression to perform
> multipoint videoconferencing. Today, we just released the AccessGrid
> integration to VRVS.
>          You can access this functionality at:
> http://www.vrvs.org/accessgrid.html
>     You can enter to a Virtual Venue and join a meeting
> either by using
> the Mbone tools or using and a H.323 client (*). For both cases, you
> will receive only one video stream. But, you have the possibility to
> select the video that you wish to receive by clicking on the "Video
> mode" icon. You can:
>     o Set the display mode to "Selected Participants" and select from
> the participants list the video you want to see.
>     o Set the display mode to "Browse Video" and then you see
> each video
> site in turn, selected in a "round robin" that switches from
> one site to
> the next according to a preset timer.
> Note that video and audio streams are sent in unicast to the
> corresponding VRVS/Accessgrid participant.
> Let us know if you want more information and just have comments
>         Regards,
>         Philippe Galvez on behalf of the VRVS team.
> (*)
>       o You can use the AccessGrid Mbone tools. You just need to copy
> the Accessgrid vic and rat in the VRVS2 directory which is
> created when
> you installed VRVS
>       o H.323 video clients.
>             + you will be able to see video if you use a Vic version
> that included the fixed bug for the h.261 encoding schema and the your
> H.323 client is able to send video (e.g. Netmeeting with a connected
> camera)
>             + The AccessGrid node will be able to hear you
> but in order
> to have the H.323 client able to decode audio from a Virtual
> Venue, Rat
> should be set to PCM (uLaw) at 8 kHz (This is the standard in H.323
> I.T.U)
> (**) The gateway machine has been graciously provided by Bob Olson and
> Terry Disz at MCS/Argonne. Thanks for their support. The machine which
> runs the VRVS reflector performs the interface between the multicast
> cloud and the unicast streams that are sent to the particular machine.
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