[AG-TECH] echo-cancellation on the cheap?

Barbara A. Kucera bkucera at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Fri Feb 1 09:34:21 CST 2002

Hi David,

I see your point, but if you're paying $70K per node, someone is taking 
advantage of you.  The usual cost per node is less than $50K.


At 09:55 AM 2/1/2002 -0500, David E. Bernholdt wrote:
>While Gurcharan raises a valid issue, from my point of view it is a
>matter of "ease" of deployment.
>We have a single AG node at ORNL right now, and for a combination of
>practical and political reasons, its located 10 min walk from my
>office (even though I built it), and at least that far from the
>majority of prospective users.  That means usage of the AG node
>requires conscious intent.
>I'd like to be able to have an AG in every conference room in our
>Division, and looking further forward, I'd even like to have "personal
>AG" capabilities in each office -- maybe not the full AG, but enough
>to have reasonable meetings with 1-2 people at each of a couple sites,
>or to receive an AG-cast seminar.  I think this level of accessibility
>to the facilities would do a lot to promote the Access Grid.
>So if each node costs $70k, it is a lot harder to get people to spring
>for lots of them.  I don't know exactly where the thresholds are (and
>they'll vary by institution), but I would guess that if you could do a
>small conference room AG node for say $10-20k, people would happily do
>it.  And say at $5k, a personal AG node in every office is not
>Cost is not the only thing inhibiting wider deployment, but it is a
>significant one for most organizations.
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