Sascha Ignjatovic sascha at chello.at
Fri Aug 30 18:44:03 CDT 2002

am 30.08.2002 19:15 Uhr schrieb Jon Zeeff unter jzeeff at internet2.edu:

> Full NTSC quality video is readily doable.   But we should be working on
> true HD - say 1280x720p.  30 frames/sec for video and
> remote screen control and perhaps .5 frame/sec for screen shots.

Transport of HDTV over IP networks


Internet HDTV


are just view of many initiatives in this directions..

> Processing this resolution at 30 frames/sec requires a lot of CPU and
> hardware assist.  Data rates could vary from 1.5 gbps (no compression), 100
> mbits (DCT) to 19 mbps (mpeg2) to 5 mbps (mpeg4).

the compressed transfer of HDTV signal is delayed by half of a second
john shalf and other people told me..


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