[AG-TECH] high definition video, high resolution multichanel audio AG WG !?

Sascha Ignjatovic sascha at chello.at
Fri Aug 30 07:12:57 CDT 2002

> I think this is *exactly* the right place to start the discussion.
> Perhaps the best way is to ask for people to respond if interested and
> schedule an AG meeting :-).
> Then we can report back notes and ideas to ag-tech.
> I for one, AM INTERESTED, for the record.
> --Ivan
> ...........
> Ivan R. Judson .~. http://www.mcs.anl.gov/~judson
> Futures Laboratory .~.  630 252 0920
> Argonne National Laboratory .~. 630 252 6424 Fax

ivan thank you very much for taking up the initiative...

could you please be the coordinator of this project..
you are the right person.. as you are one of the leading

also seting up a AG meeting would be really nice...
i will participate trough a voice/phone gateway over
Chris Osland AG node in england...

thank you and all of you interested and willing to
participate and contribute...


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