[AG-TECH] Request for AG Overview PPT

Don Morton morton at cs.umt.edu
Thu Aug 22 11:22:11 CDT 2002


Some of you were in our demo from here in Fairbanks Monday,
and have seen these.  Anybody is free to take these and do
what they want.  There are two slides in there lifted from
Rick Stevens' presentations, and he gave me permission to
use them (one on the need for persistent spaces, and one
on "how would it be if travel was instantaneous).  My 
"assumption" is that he's OK with others using them, too,
but you might want to make sure.

Thanks to those of you who came to our demo on Monday.
General Case was very impressed with the whole AG thing.
As someone who has explored teleconferencing since the days
of its infancy, he described the AG as the best he's seen.
All we did here at ARSC was set up the show - what sold it
was the participation of those of you out there!



Mike Weaver - MICS/USDOE wrote:
> Hi all!
> Anyone have, or know of, a short (5 slides, or so), high-level overview
> presentation of the AG suitable for high-level management?  An assistant to
> Dr. Orbach, Director of the Office of Science, DOE HQ will be sitting in on
> a session we're having today.
> Any links or emails w/ PPTs would be greatly appreciated!
> Thanks,
> Mike
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