[AG-TECH] FYI: ConferenceXP goes public

Jay Beavers jbeavers at microsoft.com
Thu Aug 15 20:29:10 CDT 2002

We're just released our software to the general public on
www.ConferenceXP.Net <http://www.conferencexp.net/> .  See the website
for additional details.


For those who tried the prerelease, I have an embarrassing bug to admit
to.  We moved to a new UI for the pre-release and in a bit of oversight
the TTL was left at 2, so the cross Internet2 experience wasn't exactly
stellar.  That has been fixed for this release.



Over the next few weeks, we'll start publishing the APIs that we used to
create this solution.  In addition to the Venue Server web service APIs
we've discussed on this list in the past, we have:


*	RTP API, allowing new classes of multicast collaborative
applications to be developed, such as our Distributed PowerPoint with
shared Tablet PC Ink (PPT with ink to be released in ~1 month)
*	Managed DirectShow wrappers, allowing you to get access to our
full multimedia APIs from our .NET programming environment
*	Conference API, allowing generation of new UIs.  I'm
particularly excited about this because I can now generate entirely new
UIs around specific scenarios in about three hours by combining this
managed API with .NET tools.  For instance, I integrated Conferencing
with Instant Messaging for our announcement demo in a Sunday afternoon.
*	Edge SDK, allowing different web services to be combined into
the side bar interface.  For instance, we already combine buddy lists
with conferencing in this UI.  You can create new parts such as "Ask a
TA a Question" or "Documents on a web portal".


Source code will be available in two weeks under a research and
educational use license, after additional cleanup and documentation.


 - jcb

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