[AG-TECH] Border in PIG/AG1.1

Andrew Swan aswan at cs.berkeley.edu
Thu Aug 8 18:28:03 CDT 2002

Randy Groves writes:
> In the mash version of the vic, there is a border around the pictures when 
> displayed - can this be removed?  Is this an adjustable option?  I don't 
> see any knobs that are obvious ...

if you're referring to the gray border, that is actually encoded
in to the image by the sender so vic doesn't have an easy way of
telling whether those pixels should be ignored or not.

a transmitting vic adds this border when the capture card
generates video at 320x240 because the h.261 syntax requires that
the compressed image be 352x288 pixels...

do you not see this border when viewing the same stream with a
different version of vic?


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