[AG-TECH] PCMCIA video capture card

Ivan R. Judson judson at mcs.anl.gov
Mon Aug 5 16:43:11 CDT 2002

Duh, the mail I sent was reply, not reply to:, but that's alright
because I forgot to include what little information I do know:

1) Winnov VideumCam Traveler, PC card solution

All the other products I've heard of from Margi Systems, or Hauppauge
are now USB products, not PC.  Sorry about that.


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> Once upon a time the nogatech PCMCIA card could take an NTSC 
> signal and feed in successfully into vic.  Nogatech was 
> bought out and they don't have drivers for anything beyond Windows 95.
> So, does anyone know of a good replacement card?  Has to be 
> PCMCIA and capable of receiving NTSC signal and sending it to vic.
> Thanks.
> -kevin

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