[AG-TECH] large one way presentations

Barbara A. Kucera bkucera at ncsa.uiuc.edu
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Hi Robert,

The other significant point that I forgot to include is that perhaps there 
are presenters whom you would like to invite (really big names from other 
locations) who could make their presentations via the AG so they didn't 
have to travel to Idaho.


At 09:40 AM 8/3/2002 -0700, Robert B Heckendorn wrote:
>Right now we have a yearly seminar series in bioinformatics.  We
>invite big (and small) names in bioinformatics and they give an hour
>long talk.  We tape all the talks.  Would it be reasonable to
>rebroadcast them on the AG?  Can somone comment on the pros and cons
>of taping and rebroadcasting vs live transmission?  For us it would be
>much easier to tape and take the tape to the tiny AGN than to hook up
>a connection to the auditorium.  Any thoughts on this issue?
>Any special equipment besides a VCR needed for turning our AGN into
>a rebroadcaster?
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