[AG-TECH] upgrade questions

Luc Renambot renambot at cs.vu.nl
Thu Aug 1 11:30:23 CDT 2002

just on the side, Does it make sense to display 30 video
streams on a display of 3x1024x768 ? I would be interested
to see if it's possible to get a few better quality streams
(full res. D1, for ex.) without extra hardware coder/decoder


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] A late reply, as I've been out of the lab.
] We use 3 1.4 GHz AMD single processors each with 512M memory.
] 4 video inputs, 3 projectors, G450 and G200 video cards on display
] machine.
] We tend to hit 100% utilization on the Display machine around
] 21 windows (Medium or Small); we see about 10% utilization per
] video capture card on the Capture machine; utilization of the
] audio machine is negligible.  I'll upgrade the display machine
] to 2.x GHz whenever I can, hopefully then allowing about 30
] video windows.  We got all the machines the same to make
] swapping easy.

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