[AG-TECH] high definition video, high resolution multichanel audio AG WG !?

Sascha Ignjatovic sascha at chello.at
Thu Aug 29 16:51:13 CDT 2002

hi.. is there a "better" place, other mailing list, working group
or individual people to whom to ask this question.. otherwise..

how much/whic kind of..

-network capacity, 
-computing power, 
-interface equipment
  (audio/video/projection hardware)

would be requayerd to build a

high definition video (1080i) multicasted with
high resoulution (96 khz / 24 bit) 5.1 or 7.1 channel audio

access grid nodes/system

i have specific aplication/concept for this kind of system in mind
and would be happy if i could discuss the tech and the aplication
with people interested and knowledgable in this issues...

what would be the apropriate place and method
to discuss/work on this high definition AG issues.. ?


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