[AG-TECH] Human factors and AG

Julia Shiela Mullen jsm at WPI.EDU
Wed Aug 28 14:48:47 CDT 2002

Hi -

We have an undergraduate who is interested in
human factors and the Access Grid.  At WPI
we require each student to complete a major
project which relates technology and society.
(This project is a graduation requirement.)
The descriptions and content of such projects
is fairly flexible.  We are currently at the
beginning of her project experience so I am
turning to the AG community for suggestions.

What is the AG community most interested in
with regards to 'human factors and the AG'?
Is there a wish list of studies that folks
would like to see?   Are there project ideas
that we just didn't have the manpower for?

I welcome any and all suggestions - I will
present them to the student and we will
see what interests her.

Thanks for your help on this -


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