[AG-TECH] AG 1.1 Release

White, Derek [NCSUS Non J&J] DWhite11 at NCSUS.JNJ.COM
Wed Aug 28 08:40:08 CDT 2002

Justin & folks,

Thanks for the clues earlier. Here is a work-around to launch OM Vic with
custom settings (see end for PIG issues):

In the Vic startup script, you need a user_hook something like:

VicApplication instproc user_hook {} {
	# settings:
	$self add_option maxbw 10000000
	$self add_option bandwidth 4000000
	$self add_option framerate 29
	$self add_option quality 100
	$self add_option defaultFormat h261
	$self add_option inputType NTSC
	set device "YOUR DEVICE HERE"
	$self add_option defaultDevice $device
	$self add_option defaultTTL 15
	$self add_option rptName "YOUR NODE NAME HERE"

	$self instvar ui_
	$ui_ instvar controlMenu_

	$controlMenu_ tkvar muteNewSources
	set muteNewSources 0

	$controlMenu_ build_window
	$controlMenu_ invoke_transmit

	# Set Quality
	$controlMenu_ setq [$self get_option quality]
	$controlMenu_ instvar qscale_
	$qscale set [$self get_option quality]

	# Set fps:
	$controlMenu_ set_fps .menu.cb.frame.right.fps.value [$self
get_option framerate]

	# Set bps:
	$controlMenu_ set_bps .menu.cb.frame.right.bps.value [$self
get_option bandwidth]

Of course you need to use real values for the strings beginning with "YOUR
"... Someone will need to do further work to get PIG to provide these
settings to Vic.

 - Derek

ps. Yes, this is an ugly hack. We really need to get OM vic to look at the
specified options at transmit time (maybe in select_format?).

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	The two issues below are related, and have to do with how OpenMash
processes the startup file and options.  As far as I can tell, the OM code
sets a default, very low level for quality/bandwidth/framerate when the
encoder is initialized, and doesn't query the TCL variables and reset
appropriately until the 'Options' dialog is loaded.  So, whatever you put in
the config is in fact being set as the 'default', it's just that those
defaults aren't being considered until the Options dialog is opened.  
I've been poking around a little looking for an answer, but haven't found
one yet.  We're working on it, but if you find a solution, we'd certainly
appreciate it if you'd let us know ;-)


On Tue, 27 Aug 2002, Heisen, Andrew [NCSUS] wrote:

> Hi all, I've got 2 more PIG questions.
> We too are unable to set the default quality to anything other than 
> 10, though we can change other settings through a startup script.  Can 
> anyone help us with this?
> Even more importantly, we're having trouble with OM VIC performance.  
> When Vic starts up it seems to be throttling it's own bandwidth such 
> that it can never transmit at more than 2 fps with about a 2-4 sec 
> delay.  Raising the bandwidth allowed helps slightly but does not 
> solve the problem.  Oddly, when the "settings" button is pressed, 
> openning the options dialogue, VIC fully recovers immediately and 
> begins transmiting at our specified rate of 29 fps and with no delay.  
> This is without actually altering any of the settings.
> If anyone can offer any explanations or suggestions as to how to fix 
> this, we'd greatly appreciate it.
> -Andrew
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> i just installed the PIG version of release 1.1 (which is great, by 
> the
> way) on our machine.  is anyone available for testing in the test room? 
> also, a couple questions about the video resource manager.  is there a
> way to change the default settings for frame rate/bandwidth/quality so i
> don't have to change them every time i start up the node?  is there a
> reason the quality setting in vic always starts at 10 no matter how i
> set it in the video resource manager?
> On Wed, 2002-07-03 at 17:09, Mary Fritsch wrote:
> > All,
> > 
> > Argonne National Laboratory is pleased to announce an update to the 
> > Access
> > Grid Node Display Machine Software.  This release includes 
> > preliminary
> > support for the Personal Interface to the Access Grid and can be found
> > clicking the Software Download link from www.accessgrid.org.
> > 
> > Please feel free to send mail to ag-mcs at mcs.anl.gov with questions 
> > or
> comments.
> > 
> > ANL AG Team
> > 
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