[AG-TECH] CCS Wednesday Seminar (April 24th)

Satish K. Vanimisetti satish at ccs.uky.edu
Mon Apr 22 09:38:05 CDT 2002


Details for this Wednesday's seminar:
"VisMembrane: a Membrane Protein Structure Visualization
Tool - a Collaborative Project in Bioinformatics"

Jerzy Jaromczyk(CS),Ch.Staben (Biology), B.A.Brown (CS),
P.S.P.Zou (CS and Biology), K.Sravan(CS)
University of Kentucky Depts of Biology and Computer Science.

Membrane proteins are an extraordinarily important class of each cell's
proteins. Approximately 10% of all cell proteins are membrane-bound. These
include transporters, receptors, channels, and important enzymes - many of
which have critical roles in development, regulation, and metabolism.
Unfortunately, our understanding of such proteins is very limited. In
order to better understand these proteins, it is important that improved
tools for structure prediction and visualization be developed.

The goal of this project, VisMembrane, is to create a workbench for
generating structural models of membrane proteins based on both secondary
structure prediction and topological prediction. This workbench will allow
an investigator to load an amino acid sequence and view a schematic of the
protein's predicted structure and topology. Since current prediction
methods are far from perfect, the investigator will have the ability to
manipulate the structure while being constrained by the biological rules
governing membrane protein folding.

This presentation will show a preliminary implementation of an interactive
tool for membrane protein visualization. VisMembrane has been developed as
a collaborative project in bio-informatics by a team of faculty and
students from the School of Biology and Department of Computer Science.

The most up-to-date version of this abstract is available at:


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