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Bob Riddle bdr at internet2.edu
Thu Apr 18 06:42:07 CDT 2002

  HEre's the list of what I thought important to remember for the VV 
Server I'm running on a RedHat 7.2 system (http://dizzy.internet2.edu)

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Subject: VVServer build
Date: Sun, 31 Mar 2002 21:40:35 -0500
From: Bob Riddle <bdr at internet2.edu>
To: Bob Riddle <bdr at internet2.edu>

1. run scripts from downloaded tar file

    *     sudo ./configure
    *     sudo make install
    *     cd moo-db
    *     sudo make install_mud

2. make sure necessary services are running:

    *     http
    *     vv-moo
    *     postgresql

3. edit the /usr/local/ag/VVServer/bin/vv-configure for this machine, 

4. sudo /usr/local/ag/VVServer/bin/vv-configure

5. run "psql virtualvenue ag" and set all *_id_seq for update:

    *    grant update on whatever_id_seq to www;
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