[AG-TECH] NSF EPSCoR Genomics Conference on May 10 at Lake Tahoe

Barbara A. Kucera bkucera at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Thu Apr 4 07:26:31 CST 2002

I thought some of your researchers might be interested in this 
seminar.  Could you please distribute this information in your 
state?  Unfortunately, it isn't going to be on the AG.  Thanks.

>Subject: NSF EPSCoR Genomics Conference on May 10 at Lake Tahoe
>Nevada EPSCoR is sponsoring a Genomics Conference on May 10 at Lake Tahoe, 
>CA, and is extending an invitation to researchers from other states.  Room 
>reservations are due by April 9. The full agenda and information is at 
>Summary Statement
>The advent of high-throughput technologies for gathering information
>about gene structure and expression on a genome-wide scale has ushered
>in the 'genomic era' of biological and biomedical research.  Such
>integrative approaches must rely heavily upon interdisciplinary
>approaches, systems analysis and related bioinformatic tools.
>This years EPSCoR research symposium on Genomics will provide an overview of
>genomic research activities within the UCCSN system.  In addition, we
>will introduce a new program area of research that has great importance
>for Nevada.  The Integrative Approaches to Abiotic Stress (IAAS) program
>will include talks on genomic studies using animal, insect, plant, and
>microbial model systems that explore the complex interplay of
>perception, signaling, and response pathways to environmental stimuli.
>Approximately 40% of the earth's landmass is classified as arid or
>semi-arid.  This percentage points to the need to investigate biological
>adaptive mechanisms that mediate abiotic stress. Furthermore, Nevada's
>Great Basin and Mojave Desert environments are dominated by extremes of
>abiotic stress that provide unique context and manifold opportunities to
>pursue such research.  Speakers will present novel findings on a wide
>range of research topics including: (1) genetic requirements or
>variation for occupancy of extreme environments, (2) the functional
>significance of genetic variation across many scales of biological
>complexity, and (3) the evolutionary processes that create and/or
>maintain such variation.
>Lisa Zumpft, Director
>System Sponsored Projects Office
>University and Community College System of Nevada
>755 East Flamingo Road
>Las Vegas, NV 89119-7363
>phone (702) 895-0590
>fax (702) 895-0594

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