[AG-TECH] NCSA "Kids on the Grid" Agenda - 12:45 p.m. to 3 p. m.

Tam, Ricky rtam at sandia.gov
Wed Apr 24 13:46:17 CDT 2002


Sandia in California will have our agn room open to our guest tomorrow
morning.  We asked the girls to sign up in 30 minute block, so we might have
few girls show up in each time block.  Our four 30 minute blocks start at
9:30 a.m. (Pacific Standard Time).  Lanette Radliff will be our operator and
moderator.  We look forward to have our guests interact your programs.

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i'm trying to get a very small handful (3?) of 5th graders to commit to
tomorrow from about 1-3pm Eastern. this will overlap nicely with the
NCSA and LLNL programs.

although i said i would keep the venue on all day (and i can still do this)
don't have much expectation that anyone will show up then. is anyone 
else planning on having kids show up at other times? if not, i won't
advertise it as being available. unless someone can suggest how it might
be useful.


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Tomorrow is the day!  We have 14 guests who are eagerly anticipating this 
activity and a chance to experience the new Access Grid technology.

Participants (14) include:

Rachel                  F       12
Billy                  M       14
Andrea                 F       12
Ashley                 F       18
Amber          F       15

McWilliams              F       15
Wall                    M       13
Wall                    F       16
Jessie          F       10.5
Kymberly                F       12

Hannah          F       12
Phoebe's guest  F       12
Phoebe's guest  F       13
M. B.                   M       16

Barbara Kucera, moderator, and Jeff Carpenter, AG node operator.

Katie Williams from Access News will be present to talk with the 
participants for an article she is writing.

The difference in time zones is a little problematic, but I think we'll be 
okay since we're in the middle of the country.  Our schedule is as follows, 
but we will be flexible so we can interact with other sites as they join 
and depart.

12:45 p.m.      Kids in seats. - Introductions at our local site. - Brief 
explanation of what the               Access Grid is and why it's 
important, then a brief explanation of the social           etiquette--no 
criticism of others' opinions, try to wait until the other person 
has             finished talking before you start, be polite but feel free 
to say what you think.

   1:00 p.m      Say hello to the other sites on the AG and let each kid 
introduce him/herself (do               this as other sites join).

   1:15 p.m.     Around Town and Around the Country - Tell us about where 
you live?  If I visited                your town, what would be the best 
thing to do or see during my visit?

   1:45 p.m.     Teens Chat

I will serve as moderator to interact with the kids and introduce questions 
to the local and remote audience, and then let them discuss the issue with 
minimal interruption.  The discussion will cover general topics that most 
kids have an opinion about--no right or wrong.  The type of questions will 

1.  Should parents or towns, or both, set the curfew?
2.  What does it mean to be a friend?  What do you consider the most 
important consideration in         friendship?
3.  Should chat sites at school be restricted?
4.  When is a person mature and responsible enough to drive a car?  Should 
the minimum age be   raised to 18 years old?

2:15 p.m.       Snack - milk and cookies (yes, milk!)  ;-)

2:25 p.m.       Trivial Pursuit contest.  If other sites are not on when 
we're ready to begin, we will
                 start the game as a local event and expand when others

2:55 p.m.       Begin to wrap up here--thank participants.

If someone has a good idea, we can rearrange the schedule.  As it now 
stands, we have a stable audience and a plan.

I hope that as other sites finalize their agendas, they will get something 
out to us so we can have an idea of what is transpiring across the AG.  As 
I said earlier, we will be flexible so there may be interruptions when 
remote sites enter or  leave the virtual space.

If you have any questions, please contact me.



Barbara A. Kucera
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ignoble act to injure them." - Mark Twain

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