[AG-TECH] multicast "iffy" across the Great Divide

Don Morton morton at cs.umt.edu
Wed Apr 10 14:43:17 CDT 2002

is anybody aware of problems that seem to have been around
since at least yesterday (when our multicast got fixed)
whereby, at least in venues, west coast sites (i.e. those
approximately west of the continental divide) and east
coast sites get "split" on a periodic basis?  

in the "open test" session today, we had constant connectivity
with uc davis and unm, but would lose such connectivity
with more eastern sites very periodically, including ndsu
(marty, i'm virtually sitting on my hands, refraining from
making a joke about this!! :)), nsf, and anl.

actually, i guess unm must be "just east" of the divide, since
the rio grande runs through albuquerque.....

i notice in the lobby we experience same sort of behaviour....

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