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Robert Olson olson at mcs.anl.gov
Mon Apr 8 10:02:39 CDT 2002

Since I've been poking at multicast debugging lately, thought I'd look at 
the state of things for these sites.

I don't see beacons for CalTech or ORNL.

A subset view for the rest is at


at the link labelled "April, 2002, AG Seminar sites".

Problems I see:

JSU traffic not going to NSF, Purdue, PSC.

Purdue not seeing traffic from Sandia, LBL, JSU, DOE, NCSA.

LBL traffic making it ONLY to Sandia and DOE.

PSC not getting traffic from LBL, JSU, Purdue, NCSA.

If you are interested in full connectivity, each site should contact their 
network administrators to start the process TODAY of figuring out what the 
problems are. Feel free to copy mcast-support at accessgrid.org if you like.

If the problems can't be resolved, I advise trying out the unicast bridge; 
see the document on the AGDP for more.


At 10:49 AM 4/8/2002 -0400, Jennifer Teig von Hoffman wrote:
>Hi everybody,
>There are 12 sites with at least one participant signed up to attend the
>April 10 "Communicating Effectively over the Access Grid" and/or "How to
>Produce an Access Grid Event" seminars. The sites are:
>         ACCESS-DC
>         AHPCC
>         CalTech
>         DoE/MICSAG
>         JSU
>         LBNL
>         NSF
>         NCSA
>         ORNL
>         PSC
>         Purdue
>         SNL
>I've generally been asking sites to arrive 30 minutes before the session
>starts. If your site is planning to attend this seminar and you're not
>confident that your node is in good working condition, please arrive 45-60
>minutes early instead. Also, if you're not sure why your node is listed
>above, please drop me a note and I'll send you a list of the registered
>General seminar info is at:
>         http://scv.bu.edu/accessgrid/seminars/
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