[AG-TECH] Display machine specs

Jon Salva jsalva at imprintsys.com
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Hello all,
I think David's idea is good. If you also think this is a good idea, David's
thought of "If we only had a Dell engineer ..." - I will contact Dell's
engineering department to address this issue.
I can follow up on the direct question that Bob posed which is "How can we
validate the "presence / absence" of bus contention or resource conflicts
within the PCI bus itself or in the management of the chipset
(memory/PCI/CPU) transport resources?"
They may supply a tool or provide assistance by assigning and engineer - who
knows - doesn't hurt to ask.
If there aren't any objections - or this is already in progress - I'll move
this forward.

Best Regards

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We have similar problems with our dual Pentium Dell Precision 220.

If we only had a Dell engineer in this mailing list----


--- Robert Olson wrote:
My speculation on this based on some experiments I did earlier (also based
on the positive effects that playing with PCI burst-size settings in the
BIOS) is that there are issues with bus contention or allocation of
resources, either within the PCI bus itself or in the management of the
chipset memory/PCI/CPU transport resources. If anyone is deeply familiar
with how these architectures work I'd love to have a chat (anyone doing
architecture work at one of your universities??)

--- end of quote ---

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