[AG-TECH] Matrox G200 Drivers Question

Bob Olson olson at mcs.anl.gov
Tue Sep 25 17:51:56 CDT 2001

Out of curiosity, what CPU utilization do you see when there's nothing
running on the system?

With some motherboards, and some BIOS settings, we have seen ghost CPU
usage that causes very poor display performance. A bios tweak fixes it up.


On Tue, 25 Sep 2001, David Minor wrote:

> Hi - we've been trying to isolate our CPU utilization problems on our Display machine, and think we've found them. I'm wondering if anyone has seen these or has suggestions?
> We are running the G200 PCI card. We have been running with the latest Matrox drivers, which are dated January I believe (I'm not in front of the machine right now). The problem we have been seeing is that as soon as we open 3 windows in Vic, CPU utilization pops up to 50-60%, making for a very unpleasant experience.
> Just for kicks (yeah right) I uninstalled the Matrox drivers and tried running with the M$ drivers that shipped with Win2k - guess what? Opening 3 Vic windows causes the CPU utilization to run at about 8-9%, which is great. We don't see 50% utilization until we open a lot of windows. Very acceptable behavior. Only problem is that you can't drag any of the windows over to the extended desktop on the projectors - they become corrupted. This is a known behavior and was expected.
> So .. rock and a hard place here. Any suggestions?
> BTW this is on a Dell GX300 system running a dual PIII 866.

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