[AG-TECH] New version netlevel

Robert Olson olson at mcs.anl.gov
Fri Sep 14 16:53:54 CDT 2001

A new version of netlevel is available for download from


New features include proper BYE processing (so old sources go away); AG 
Venues choosable from a menu; clipping indicator.

I'd encourage sites who might be producing events to download this and 
ensure that your audio doesn't clip ... it's a fairly common problem that 
leads to distortion in your audio.

You can also use this tool as an objective reference in doing multisite 
audio level balancing. Each site's audio should show as roughly the same 

If anyone's keen to play, I'd like to get code to do cross-correlation 
between streams and add an echo blame detector... fun project for someone's 
signal processing class.


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