[AG-TECH] AG Room design contest (tables)

Markus Buchhorn Markus.Buchhorn at anu.edu.au
Thu Sep 13 22:53:20 CDT 2001

At 01:27 PM 13/09/2001 -0400, you wrote:
>The recommendations that everyone has made have been most helpful.
>So maybe it is possible to turn them into something more concrete.

Is that rendered or painted concrete, or plain ? Oh, sorry :-)

My two bits. Disclaimer, I'm not a professional interior decorator. Just 
bear in mind that colours become more "significant" as you increase the 
area they cover.

>Too Light           Okay               Too Dark
>---------           ----               --------
>Natural Maple       Medium Oak         Mahogany
>                     Henna Cherry*      Walnut

Agree that Henna is too coloured. I'd even avoid the Oak as well. A small 
swatch isn't overpowering, but a large flat expanse of it would be.

I think the Maple would be fine, not too light.

>White               Gray               Graphite
>                     Cloud              Blue
>                     Beige
>                     Blush

I'd vote for white or gray - the others are too dark or too coloured. The 
gray might be pushing it a bit. Do you really want this on people's 
tabletops anyway? Looks more like kitchen benching... ;-)

>Light Gray          Tan                 Charcoal
>                     Taupe               Black

Again, light gray or Tan look Ok to me. Maybe light gray is a bit too 
light. Taupe is too dark.

>Juarez Flower       Dresden Blue*      Fiesta Red
>* Maybe too strongly colored?

As a tabletop, all 3 of these are too coloured and/or too dark. Even the 
Juarez Flower I think would be overpowering on a large expanse.

If you could get some loaners, or offcuts, you might be able to do a blind 
test. Take pictures of a person at the table through a video camera, with 
and without the table surface in view. Also try some tablecloths of 
differing colours - woodgrain tablecloths are tricky to find, but the 
effect of the colours can be quickly seen.

Do you have a commercial VidConf centre near you? Check them out, and talk 
to their techs. If they don't mention the decor as an issue, find somebody 


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