[AG-TECH] newbie questions

Sue Rogers scr27 at cam.ac.uk
Mon Sep 3 06:00:01 CDT 2001

I've just subscribed to this list on the recommendation of Michael Robson 
at MRCCS and have some very basic questions to ask for which I apologise. 
If there is a FAQ I can be pointed at, that's great.

My usual work is running the university's central IP/ISDN videoconferencing 
service which uses a proprietary hardware codec (Tandberg).  Part of this 
service includes consultancy/advice for internal departments and colleges 
wishing to set up their own videoconferencing equipment.  Hence I have 
become involved in the Access Grid project with two departments both asking 
me for advice, on a subject I know very little about.

I understand the packets are multicast and that there are 3 or 4 
videostreams and 1 audio stream broadcast simultaneously because of 3 or 4 
cameras portraying "tiles" of people/places and the distributed tool.

My first question. I'm asked can an Access Grid room also be used easily 
for "normal" IP point-to-point conferencing?  ie does the control pc have 
an IP number which I can dial up from my suite? Is it possible to send only 
1 videostream?

My second question. I need to draw up a spec of equipment to be ordered to 
equip a 5 x 3.5 metre room.  Can any of you help me with this please? I've 
looked at the Access grid hardware pages which list the equipment and 
suppliers used in their much larger room including all the cables and it 
throws up lots of questions, eg am I right to assume I don't need 4 mikes 
as my room's smaller?    Is 5 x 3.5 a sufficiently large size? I see the 
Manchester room is much bigger.  We envisaged using the 5m side for the 
projections rather than 3.5m side.

Finally, I understand there's a 5-day conference on the Access Grid 17-21 
Sept at Manchester. Does anyone have details of this? I looked on the MRCCS 
and Access Grid pages but couldn't find anything.



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