[AG-TECH] Re: AG video node using berkley mjpeg work

Bob Riddle bdr at internet2.edu
Thu Nov 15 09:25:38 CST 2001

A few more observations:

on the Win2k Display machine, you can't just slide the openmash vic.exe
(and vic, mash.exe) in teh /ag/agapps/bin directory, even if you rename
it to ddvic.exe.  When the DRM manager starts, it expects to find "the"
ddvic" in that directory, if not (or if renamed vic.exe) a message box
is prodcued telling you its "can't load ddvic".  The same thing happens
when you move through the rooms via the web browser.

On the linux machine used for video capture, I'm trying to understand
better what vrm-eventlistener does upon startup.  It appears to use a
"parsed sdp" stream to get the mcast address, but the port isn't
mentioned in the stdout messages.  Also, it starts vic with a user
script file "-u /tmp/vic-startup.0" which doesn't seem to hang around
long enough for me to peek at it.  Anybody know what this script looks
like?  I'm trying to figure out why I have to start the mjpeg vserver
before the vrm-eventlistener.

Anyway, Matthew indicates in his mjpeg pages that vic can be built using
the lml33 mjpeg drive.  In fact, Larry Rowe had sent a note some time
ago indicating this might be included in future openmash "releases".  So
my current thought is to try and get a linux version of the openmash vic
slide in place on the AG linux video capture machine and see if it
resolves the startup issue by using more "normal" AG video capture

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