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Silvia Monfardini s.monfardini at cineca.it
Wed Nov 14 05:21:43 CST 2001

dear terry,

how are you today?

we have some people here interested in the two sessions below.
have you recorded the first? could we have some information about them?
if it is not a problem could you record the second one?

many many thanks

p.s. good luck for today! :-)

Tuesday, 13-Nov,  15:30p - 17:00p
Gordon Bell Finalists Showcase
Led by: Rusty Lusk, Argonne
National Laboratory  participating from Denver  Convention Center

 -    Terascale spectral element dynamical
core for atmospheric general circulation models

 -    Achieving Extreme Resolution in
Numerical Cosmology Using Adaptive Mesh

Wednesday, 14-Nov, 13:30 - 15:00
Chair: Jill Mesirov, Whitehead Inst.
285: Solution of a Three-Body Problem in Quantum Mechanics
267: Modeling of Seismic  Wave Propagation at the
Scale of the Earth on a Large   Beowulf

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