[AG-TECH] MSB and Linux

Robert Olson olson at mcs.anl.gov
Fri May 11 10:39:58 CDT 2001

There are papers about from fermi (one at CHEP; the authors were bill 
lidinsky and gary roediger). We'd like to strongly discouraging using folks 
from  using msb, however. If people really want/need such functionality, a 
new tool should be designed and built that gets around the maintenance 
problems and bugs in the existing msb. (Bugs that include spewing tens of 
megabits of traffic to clients that don't want it any more).


At 10:35 AM 5/11/2001 -0500, Mark Hereld wrote:
>is there a pointer to this in case somebody out there wants to pay
>the big bucks or whatever it takes to become an msb-insider?
>-- mark
>At 01:47 PM 5/9/2001 -0500, Robert Olson wrote:
>>I'm assuming you mean the bridge itself.
>>There is, and I've got it (bridge-1.accessgrid.org is a linux box), and I 
>>can't give it to anyone due to its licensing. Sigh.
>>At 01:37 PM 5/9/2001 -0500, Kabe Vanderbaan wrote:
>>>Does anyone know if there is a version of MSB that runs on Linux?

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