[AG-TECH] about echo cancellation equipment

Jay Beavers jbeavers at microsoft.com
Thu May 3 21:37:09 CDT 2001

An interesting feature of Windows XP is echo cancellation in software.

I haven't played with this yet, but it is exposed via the DirectSound 8

 - jcb

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I'm of two minds on this. It would be cool if the echocancellation in
chips worked well -- it would make simple installations work nicely
audio use in an office PC, for instance). However, for an AG node with 
multiple microphones it would pose a problem, since the cancellation
likely suffer in a multiple microphone system. This is the difference 
between the chip-based systems and the Gentner: the Gentner does echo 
cancellation per-microphone.

Another interesting variation would be the use of multiple audio cards,
per mic -- at $100 a pop for the cards, it would be less expensive. It's
question of complexity vs price. The Gentner also does good things with
support of the balanced audio connections, connectivity to other
phone, etc.

Do you know if the echo cancellation options/control show up in the APIs

for programming the sound cards?


At 04:48 PM 5/3/2001 +0800, lujian wrote:
>         I heard that soundcard powered by Crystal/Cirrus SoundFusion
> (digital signal processor) can do echo cancellation work . Is it
> that we use such a soundcard as a second choice of Gentner system?
>         And is there anyone who can tell the difference between the 
> card-based echo cancellation and Gentner echo cancellation?
>some reference sites:

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