[AG-TECH] Display Experiment: Different Video Cards

Bob Olson olson at mcs.anl.gov
Fri Mar 30 10:09:25 CST 2001

> benchmarks or statistical info, but OpenGL games and screen savers look really
> good, as well as the video channels from the AG lobby.

What sort of losses (vic-reported %'s) do you see when you have a wallful
of images up?

(I'm chasing the performance problems with vic on PCI adapters again,
after seeing very poor performance on a 1.4GHz P4 with a Permedia-based
Appian quad-display card, which worked like a champ, btw). The same
machine, with about the same number of streams up on a 1920x1200 or
whatever the highest res was on the AGP card, just rocked.


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